Bacteria give us ideas

I have been studying bacteria recently and came across an interesting trait of theirs. The bacteria in our guts can induce a thought in our brain, a thought that you are hungry to be more specific. That made me think, could that be it, what about other thoughts, where are they coming from. I don’t […]

Why are we here?

The very basic existential question, why are we here? An answer to this question based on a belief does not seem to be satisfactory enough anymore. Everything around us is way more complicated than simple beliefs we have about the existential questions. The recurring ideas of  Adam and Eve, heaven and hell, judgment day etc. […]

MVP does not apply

The basic idea behind agile software development is to develop software in small publishable sets. The first set is famously known as MVP or minimum viable product. An MVP should include minimum features that the customer wants. Then based on the users’ feedback development progresses towards adding another set of features for the next release. The iterative […]

Age of too much free information

There is so much information on our finger tips due to the rapid technological advancements of the previous few decades. We are consuming enormous amount of digital contents per year that is used to be consumed in decades previously. Consuming contents is a good thing however the abundance of contents has psychology issues of its […]

Mean Too Mean

We are partly animal partly human. Our animal part is quite obvious, look at your self in a mirror, you have arms, legs and other organs inside and out that are common to many animals in the world. We eat, sleep, have offsprings and die like any other creature on the face of this planet. A […]

Hidden societies dilemma 

A hidden society lives under cover and pulls threads to control our daily lives and governments. Such a society will need a fool proof plan which in turn need God like capacity to predict all out comes of all human interactions, thoughts and actions. Production of such a data with current computing power of the […]

Web-apps, the future of apps?

The most dominant use of the web has been the information sharing through sites, forums, blogs etc. However, only recently the industry has realised web’s potential as a platform for publishing fully functional desktop apps also known as web-apps. Looking at the current technological trends, It is probable that web-apps could become norm in the future. […]